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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

About IGS Industries

In Business Since 1961

Founded in 1961 as the Industrial Gasket & Shim Company, Inc., our company started making shims and gaskets for companies in the Pittsburgh area. Since then, we have been growing and developing our capabilities, and as a result, today have drastically expanded our offerings beyond gaskets and shims. We have grown from three employees (in 1961) to over 120 today and our client base has grown from Western Pennsylvania into a global enterprise. In 2012, we changed our name from Industrial Gasket and Shim to IGS Industries, Inc., to reflect our expanding capabilities and world-wide reach. We have always been a family-owned company. In 2012, we grew our definition of “family” by becoming an employee-owned company (ESOP), as well.

IGS Industries provides its customers with cost effective solutions for prototype, low volume, and high volume production runs in metal shims and stampings, gaskets, industrial sealants, seals, packings, and rings. The industries we serve include (but are not limited to):  mining, heavy construction, aerospace, steel and non-ferrous casting, turbines, defense, chemical refineries, and nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. In addition to that, we also make one-off parts for small machine shops. Our abundance of knowledge, experience, dedicated employees, and advanced equipment continues to drive our growth–both now and for decades to come.

Built for the Future

Our company began in 1961. Since then, we’ve grown thousands of times over. We’ve added warehouses, machines, capabilities, and (most importantly) highly-skilled specialists. To us, though, we’ve only just begun. In the years to follow, IGS Industries will further its global reach while still taking great care to service even the smallest of companies down the street.

Our continued growth is dependent on you, our customer, which means we’re going to take care of you. Without you, we could never achieve our dreams. To that end, we go to great lengths to make sure we have everything you could need for your projects.

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Our Tenets

  • Customer Service

    From quick quotations to on-time delivery, IGS Industries provides our customers with rapid, responsive, and personal service. Our sales and production teams work with you to define performance needs, solve application problems and develop efficient, cost-effective production approaches to meet your requirements.

  • Quality

    IGS Industries is committed to quality, assuring our customers that exact requirements, specifications,and tolerances will be met. This commitment to quality is visible in our CNC equipment, the skill and dedication of our IGS Industries team, and our ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

  • Capabilities

    IGS Industries maintains an ultra-modern, high tech,cutting-edge manufacturing facility with over 150,000 square feet. Because of our commitment to quality, we continually upgrade equipment and software technologies to assure fast, efficient, on-time, and defect-free products.