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Additional Products and Services


Additional Products and Services

IGS Industries offers a wide range of specialty and industry-specific products and services to further provide you with the tools and production you need to complete your projects to the exact specifications of your designs. We know how varied each industry can be, and we offer the following services and products to further provide you the help and support for which IGS Industries is known.

Additional Products

Spiral Wound and Jacketed Gaskets

Made of a mixture of metallic and nonmetallic ingredients, spiral-wound gaskets can be thought of as the best of both worlds: the strength of a metal gasket coupled with the sealing capabilities of a nonmetallic gasket. This combination shines in situations of high temperature and pressure.

In heat exchangers, jacketed gaskets are the gasket of choice. We provide you with a selection of single, double, and solid metal gaskets wrapped in flexible graphite, ceramic, PTFE, corrugated metal, or non-compressed sheets.

Molded and Extruded Parts

Drawing upon our years of experience and commitment to continuing education, we can deliver a solution that is second-to-none when it comes to molded and extruded parts. We choose the correct process to create a cost-effective solution based on your goals and we offer you our additional value-added services, such as cutting and inventory stocking right here at IGS Industries. From boots to grommets, we’ll be glad to deliver you a worry-free solution each and every time.

Lathe-cut Gaskets

Lathe-cut gaskets require a unique manufacturing process employing technologically-advanced machinery, along with proven Statistical Process Control (SPC) programs to assure the products adhere to the highest quality standards. A precision extrusion and curing process, coupled with highly automated-cutting equipment, allows the products IGS supplies to be remarkably cost-effective and efficient. We provide quantities from one piece to one billion, and we offer custom compounding and colors in any size or shape (large or small).

Specialty Washers

From waved to bowed to slotted, IGS Industries provides specialty washers for a range of uses. We service a broad section of industrial markets with more than enough options to meet each of those markets’ specific needs. Sizes can range from 1/4″ to 36″ in diameter and .001″ through 1/2″ in thickness.

Cylinder, Shaft, and Valve Packings

We offer you high-quality packings for the situations where you need to seal and resist extrusion (liquid or gas). With tight tolerances, we’re glad to present you packings for a wide-range of environments.

Specialty O-Rings, Vee Rings, Quad Rings

IGS Industries can supply you with a complete line of rings made from homogeneous compounds such as viton and nitrile, or from fabric-reinforced compounds. We can also meet your custom needs and deliver order-specific parts. We guarantee that your order will easily endure harsh environments and provide you with optimum performance that you can expect from IGS Industries.

Ceramic Rope and Blankets

With low-heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock, we provide our customers ceramic rope and blankets with wide selections of temperature ratings, densities, thicknesses, widths, lengths, and custom-formed shapes. Our offerings serve as excellent insulating materials with low shrinkage and high-recovery rates after compression, shock, and vibration.

Industrial Textiles and Tadpoles

When you need to conform to uneven flanges and surfaces (such as covers, expansion joints, and oven doors), the selection of tadpoles that we offer cover temperature ranges from very low to very high (and everything in-between). The fabrics are all free of asbestos and utilize a non-absorbent gasketing material.

Vacuum-formed Ceramics

We provide our customers vacuum-formed ceramics that have exceptional thermal properties, shock resistance, molten-metal resistance, flame resistance, and can be formed with tighter tolerances designed for custom specifications. They also present a low thermal conductivity and a high resistance to erosion. A significant advantage to vacuum-formed ceramics is the ability to produce a quick turnaround at a relatively low cost, all without compromising a high level of performance.

Oil Seals

To close spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment and better encapsulate lubricants, IGS Industries provides our customers with a wide selection of high-quality oil seals. Wherever machine shafts rotate and the bearings in them are lubricated, you will find oil seals. Thus, these seals are applicable to nearly every industry. We’re proud to offer you an extensive selection of seals that will meet your needs and performance expectations.


Here at IGS Industries, we provide forming options that reshape metal parts without any loss or change to the original material. In addition to maintaining the original material and mass, forming allows the conservation of materials in high-production runs.

Additional Services


We use an abrasive solution on a supplied material or workpiece to subtractively  manufacture your parts. We offer custom grinding services to your specifications, tolerances, roundness, and run-out. Our production yields high-precision, tight-tolerance parts for all your needs.


After machining parts, we offer passivation, or the finishing of those parts to ensure they resist corrosion. Passivation causes the surface of a part to go from active to passive, or to lose its chemical reactivity. What this means to our customers is that their parts will continue to withstand harsh environments each and every day.


We provide our customers with a plating service to worked parts to prevent corrosion, improve product life, reduce friction, alter conductivity, provide radiation shielding, and, at times, “beautify” different worked pieces.

Heat treating

We offer a selection of heat-treatments, provided to alter the strength, ductility, and hardness of a part. In addition, heat treating is another method to improve a part’s resistance to corrosion.

Custom Packaging

We offer our customers custom, private-label packaging on a wide selection of products. IGS can take your built materials and repackage into culking carts or cans; squeeze tubes; kits; and assemblies.

Labor-only Manufacturing 

We are glad to provide you labor-only manufacturing. There may be times when your surplus remains after you close a contract with another shop or situations where you need custom-formed parts quickly and efficiently. For these reasons, we also offer you our manufacturing services as labor-only.

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