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CNC Punching


CNC Punching Pressing at IGS

Our CNC punch presses bring an astounding number of capabilities to your stamping projects, including piercing, tapping, embossments, nibbling, coining, and louvering. From simple washers to complete and complex custom-designed parts for high-grade machinery, our CNC Punch services provide quick and reliable results each and every time.

Why CNC Punch Pressing?

Computer numerical control (CNC) punch services are perfect for those times when your projects require repeated shapes (circles, triangles, squares) from a wide variety of stock material and a fast turnaround. CNC punching provides a cost savings over laser and waterjet cutting, and CNC punch presses can cut in significant volumes with incredible accuracy. CNC punch presses can also be quickly reprogrammed to adjust to specification changes during a press run.

Why IGS Industries?

We built our company on the tenets of high-quality design, quick project turnarounds, and the expertise and service to stand behind our products throughout the project lifecycle. Our stamping services are a flagship for these tenets. You can trust IGS Industries to deliver successful, precision-cut CNC punch press results that meet your deadlines.

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