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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

Custom Metal Work

custom metal working at IGS Industries

Custom Metal Work at IGS Industries

Many times, a particular job will consist of non-traditional parts. Clients may require specific tolerances, sizes, materials, chemical resistances, and more. At IGS Industries, this is a core competency upon which we founded our company.

Your Project’s Challenge is Our Specialty

We believe that our greatest capability here at IGS Industries is flexibility. Through over 50 years of growth and development, we’ve expanded to a size that allows us to create nearly any part with nearly any specification for your projects. That’s important to us, and we feel it sets us apart as a company.

As one of our customers, you’ll know you have a partner you can reach out to not just for your current needs, but one that will be able to accommodate your projects that are yet to come–both the common and uncommon.

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