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Custom Sealant Formulations

Custom sealant formulations at IGS Industries

Custom Sealant Formulating at IGS Industries

IGS Industries is pleased to offer custom sealant formulating for all of our customers’ unique workplace challenges. Whether that’s an entirely new formula designed specifically for their needs or an alteration to one of our existing products, we’re glad to ensure that our customers’ sealant requirements are fulfilled to exact specifications.

Why Custom Sealant Formulating?

Custom sealant formulating provides our customers a sealant solution designed to unique specifications based on their project requirements. These unique formulations can arrive as alterations to current sealant offerings, re-creations of competitors’ discontinued product lines, or even a sealant formula designed from scratch. Our goal is to provide effective, on-point solutions for our customers for each and every project.

Why IGS Industries?

IGS Industries has been creating unique sealant formulations for customers for over 30 years. Our laboratory allows us to provide custom formulations with the same outstanding quality and delivery in quantities both small and large, perfect for a single contractor or an entire steel mill. Our experience allows us to recommend specific formulations that will perfectly meet your exact application requirements. We can custom design sealants to adjust for resistance to specific temperatures and chemicals, adjust cure schedules, reduce waste, adjust viscosity and appearance, adjust hardness, and so much more. And with our private labeling and custom packaging options, we take the worry out of your projects.

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