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Gaskets at IGS Industries


Gaskets at IGS Industries

At IGS Industries, our gasket production has been a staple of our business for decades. It’s what our business was founded upon. We offer custom part marking and kitting per your specifications, and our parts can be stamped or water jet cut for incredible precision. We can produce gasket quantities from one to over one million from a multitude of materials in thicknesses from .0005” and up. We offer in-house laminating of materials and we can coat gasket materials with special application coatings (such as dryback adhesives, tacky adhesives w/ release paper, varnishes, edge-bonding, glyptol, and more).

Why Gaskets?

Simply put, gaskets create a tight seal between two parts. This seal prevents leakage of liquids or gas. Application of gaskets can get more complicated, which is where IGS Industries’ experience strongly comes into play. Gaskets need to match both of the parts to which it provides a seal, not just in shape and size, but in chemical properties, resistances, and pressures, too. Gaskets can be made from a wide-selection of materials.

Custom Gaskets at IGS Industries

Custom gaskets are one of our most popular services here at IGS industries. We work with many customers who have specific needs and requirements for custom-designed gaskets. We’ve expanded our capabilities to create your gaskets based on files you upload, actual parts you send to us, cardboard cut-outs, and more. We house our own large and varied stock of metallic and non-metallic inventory, and we have many rare and exotic material suppliers on hand to provide uncommon materials for your projects. Through our decades of gasket production here at IGS Industries, we have accomplished some of the most challenging gasket-creation tasks with ease. We work with many industries, including (but not at all limited to) aerospace, steel, energy, automotive, mining, appliance, mills, and aviation.

Why IGS Industries?

We’ve been creating gaskets for customers for over 50 years. That experience allows us to serve as your expert for any project you have.

We carry an extensive inventory of name brand and specialty gasket materials, as well as various grade and type rubbers, corks, felts, plastics, and more. Our in-house die shop brings efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your productions and alterations. Here at IGS Industries, we manufacture prototypes and production runs of gaskets from both blueprints and sample parts. We also offer custom packaging with vacuum sealing and moisture-resistant bagging. IGS Industries has an ISO 9001:2008 Certification and decades of expertise. There is next to nothing we can’t accomplish when it comes to providing our customers with gasket solutions that are delivered on time and to exact specifications.

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