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IGS Industries Goes Above and Beyond to Ship Your Products


IGS Industries Goes Above and Beyond to Ship Your Products

At IGS Industries, we know how important it is for you to receive not just great products and work, but great products and work that meet your deadlines. Many times, our customers have orders that require expedited shipping, which we are glad to offer.

We started offering this service through our RUSH program, but we’ve decided that since timely shipping is so intrinsic to our customers, we have stopped referring to our RUSH program as such; instead, we simply do everything we can to get an order on-time to all of our customers, every time.

We offer a very quick turnaround on parts and service. We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths for our customers to deliver parts in a manner that works to meet deadlines. We just don’t feel the need to sell an expedited shipping program given that we will always utilize the shipping arrangement that our customers deem optimal for their purposes and urgency.

In addition, we provide both standard labeling and private labeling for your products. Furthermore, we can add bar codes to your packages. We can also repack your materials into your own specially-designed packaging, too. We regularly deal with client order changes, such as additional parts to an order, irregular shipping sizes and weights, and so much more. We are pleased to provide you with the highest care possible completing your to IGS Industries’ standards, as well as to deliver your products to you on time, regardless of how quickly your deadline is arriving.

To learn more about our shipping options and what we do, please visit our Delivery page here.

IGS Industries Goes Above and Beyond to Ship Your Products