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Industrial Sewing at IGS Industries

industrial sewing at IGS Industries

Industrial Sewing at IGS Industries

IGS Industries manufactures a large selection of fabric-based solutions, including rotary kiln seals, expansion joints, flexible bellows, tadpole gaskets, and welding curtains, in addition to many other sewn-to-order products. We can use countless materials in the creation of these projects (including Kevlar, aramid fiber blends, ceramic, and silica based fabrics). Using either a Kevlar-wrapped stainless steel thread or one of our many other manufacturing threads, our stitched products are designed to last.

Why Industrial Sewing

Designed for projects that need seals to conform to uneven flanges and surfaces (such as tadpole gaskets), as well as instances where industrial fabrics are required for protection (in welding curtains, for example), industrial sewing allows the creation of custom-stitched, industrial-grade fabric solutions for your projects. Industrial sewing produces products that are resistant to water, oils, acids, temperatures, abuse, ultraviolet radiation, and blue light. The application of industrial sewing is as creative and varied as are the projects.

Why IGS Industries?

With a wide variety of materials and threads at our fingertips, our experienced industrial sewing department is here to deliver on-time, long-lasting results that you can trust. We stitch products that are designed to support everything from steel working to ventilation systems, and from industrial furnaces to the paper industry. Our expert-operated, technology-driven production allows us to maintain the high level of quality that some of the world’s most demanding industries require.

We also care tremendously about your workplace safety. We know that your industrial work isn’t carried out by just employees, but by employees who are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles. That’s why we take great care in delivering you perfectly cut and stitched welding curtains, protective covers, and other sewn safety equipment.

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