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Why Integration and Expanded Project Offerings Increase Your Productivity


Why Integration and Expanded Project Offerings Increase Your Productivity

At IGS Industries, we’ve spent fifty years listening to our customers. Originally, our company offered gaskets and shims to customers in the Western Pennsylvania area. Over the decades of our existence, we’ve expanded our services and product offerings to provide deeper solutions to your manufacturing problems.

As your business explores the landscape of choosing manufactured parts providers, we encourage you to look closely at what makes us at IGS Industries different from other companies in our industry:

1. We’re an employee-owned company. Each and every person working here owns part of the company. In that way, we each approach our jobs with a sense of pride. We come to work to help make the company we own better, and our continuous improvement starts with providing you, our customer, outstanding solutions in parts, metal work, sealants, and so much more.

2. We offer a wide variety of services designed to meet all of your needs. We’ve expanded from our gasket and shim roots to offer a multitude of services that include custom and standard sealants, water jet cutting, laser cutting, metal fabrication, seals, and industrial sewing, among others. Located in Western Pennsylvania, we’ve also developed unique solutions for local steel and mining industries that have given us insight when working with other high-demand industries and work environments, as well.

3. We build client-centric teams around your business. When you work with IGS Industries, we assign a trustworthy, expert team around your account. Our team will know your account, your needs, and your requirements very well. It will be there to provide you the customer service you deserve. When you work with us, you work with a family dedicated to your account for years to come.

4. We offer unique opportunities for stocking, packaging, and shipping. Beyond our work and manufacturing parts, we offer our clients many advantageous programs for their businesses. We offer blanket shipping options, in-house stocking space for your raw materials, custom-designed parts and sealants, private-labeling options, and expedited shipping programs.

5. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years. We have the experience and real-world knowledge of not just how manufacturing operates, but how it has evolved over time. That means that when we provide our clients solutions, they are designed in a way that reflects the thoroughness of our understanding. Here at IGS Industries, we are not just familiar with what we do – we’re experts.

As you make a decision of who will provide your manufactured parts, sealants, and industrial services, please talk with us. We’d love to show you further how we can accommodate your needs, support your business, and take the worry out of your challenges.

Why Integration and Expanded Project Offerings Increase Your Productivity