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Ladle-Lip Seal

ladle-lip seal at IGS Industries

Ladle-Lip Seal at IGS Industries

An extruded mastic slab with refractory properties, IGS Ladle Lip Seal (LLS) is used on ladle lips for protecting the sides of the ladle during slag raking, or used as a gasket for degasser lids. The Ladle Lip Seal disintegrates after use and is a great alternative to kaowool blanket which is an RCF hazard.

Typical Applications:

  • Steelmaking


  • Protects ladle lip from slag spillage and build up
  • Enhances degasser performance by sealing rough refractory bricks
  • Seals the bridge
  • Easy clean up
  • No ceramic fibers (non-RCF)
  • Custom-sized to fit any span or gap
  • Ladle-Lip Seal is not classified as a hazardous material and is able to be shipped worldwide by any means
  • Ladle-Lip Seal is available through our Just-In-Time shipping program


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