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Laser Cutting

laser cutting

Laser Cutting at IGS Industries

Our high-powered lasers produce intricate, accurate cuts matched to incredibly tight tolerances to create clean, cosmetically-appealing parts for clients. Our in-house technology drives our lasers to routinely cut .001” (.025 mm) thick materials up through thicknesses of one inch. Additionally, IGS offers reverse engineering; you provide us with a measurable sample and we can exactly replicate your part (singularly or in bulk). We produce parts from a variety of sources including physical prints, product samples, .dxf files, .dwg files, and IGES files developed with AutoCAD and Solidworks. Not just that, but we are glad to test a material for you, create short-runs, and we’ll even finish by laser-etching your parts with your artwork.

Why Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting allows you to obtain precise cuts in any shape. The laser eliminates costly tooling associated with stamping, and gives you a finished product once the cutting process is complete. Lasers are used for cutting non-reflective metals and a variety of other materials into just about any 2-D shape you can imagine. Also, parts can be nested within other parts that reduce material requirements, thus reducing price.

Why IGS Industries?

We are proud to bring such high-caliber laser cutting services to our customers. We run several high-powered lasers that can cut with an amazing adherence to the smallest of tolerances (we even provide a guarantee for that). Our commitment to quality and our adherence to ISO 9001:2008 ensures that your products will be produced to meet exact specifications. And just like anything we do here at IGS Industries, we know how important it is to get it right the first time.

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