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Learn About Gasket Types


Some of the Most Popular Gasket Types

Gaskets are used to seal multiple stationary components, and are very commonly found throughout a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronic, appliance, and military. As a simple guide to some of the most popular types of gaskets, we’ve listed and explained some of the most popular gasket types.

Spiral-wound gaskets are created by adding metal to softer plastics or rubber in a winding shape (and, many times, are reinforced with additional layers of metal). Their design gives them potentially advantageous advantages such as high thermal resistance and an impressive ability to withstand physical stress. In addition, they are very flexible and resilient in their sealing application. You’ll find spiral-wound gaskets commonly in piping, pumps, and heat-exchange systems.

Kammprofile gaskets are made of a corrugated metal core with malleable sealing materials attached to both of its surfaces. This focuses physical stress on the surface sealant, creating tight seals along the edges while still allowing for high flexibility and tensile strength. These gaskets are found in heat-exchange systems.

Solid gaskets are usually made of metal and are a cost-effective alternative to jacketed gaskets. They still have high thermal and pressure resistance, although they do require a higher compression force to form a seal. They are typically found in situations where they are positioned against surfaces that are harder than the metal itself.

Jacketed gaskets combine the flexibility of soft gaskets (rubber or plastic) with the resistance and durability of metal gaskets due to the application of a metal coating. A single-gasket is a soft filler with metal on one side, while a double-jacketed gasket is fully coated in metal. This provides improved temperature, pressure, and corrosion resistance.

We are experienced at providing working with customers to choose the best gasket type for your application, all while delivering on-time and to your exact specifications. Learn more about our gaskets and gasket services here, and you are always welcome to contact us with questions about your specific needs, as well.

Learn About Gasket Types