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Machine Shop at IGS Industries

edmOur wire EDM machine at IGS Industries

Machine Shop Services

Our machine shop services at IGS Industries feature both powerful manual machines and state-of-the-art computer-controlled tools that allow us to work with a wide selection of metals and materials (such as nylon, wood, plastic, ceramic, and composites). Our experienced machinists and CNC technology translates to work executed precisely to your specifications. Some examples of the many services the machine shop offers include beveling, contouring, drilling and tapping, knurling, and counter-boring. Our facilities contain CNC lathes; mills; saws; grinding machines; and so much more. Our wire EDM can cut any material that conducts electricity, and if that’s not enough, we provide heat-treating of metals and alloys and can cut those parts or other hardened components with an accuracy of up to 0.0000005” (one half millionths) tolerance with a very clean cut and edge.

Why Machining?

Machining allows for the precision making, finishing, or repairing of machines and machined parts. We can machine a rather limitless list of custom-designed products and work with a very deep selection of both metal and nonmetal materials. Machining helps us produce or repair many different parts for a variety of different industries. With such a wide array of capabilities, we are happy to consider and discuss your blueprints or requests.

Why IGS Industries?

We feature both manual and CNC-driven tools, allowing us to deliver both small, custom work and large-scale production parts. Furthermore, IGS Industries produces its own custom-designed tooling, including stamping and forming dies. Our machinists have a rich history of combined experience, which gives us the insight to provide customers the most cost-efficient recommendations and designs. Tight tolerances, precision fabrication, and on-time delivery are the hallmarks of our machine shop. We deliver both short-run and high-volume custom-designed work. Call us today to talk about your specific project requirements.

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