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Metal Stamping at IGS Industries

metal stamping at IGS Industries

Types of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is the process we use to turn a flat metal surface into a particular shape. This is a very common process in the manufacturing industry, but the results are often interesting and unique, with produced parts being featured in everything from large industrial machines to small household items.

To create a 3D shape, a flat sheet of metal is inserted into a die and then a press is activated to create the object. These sheets are commonly made from aluminum, copper, zinc, or steel, although more exotic metals may be used, as well.

Some of the types of stamping that we perform here at IGS Industries include:

Blanking is very closely tied with punching (or sometimes called piercing), and the process uses a punch and die to punch a piece of the final product. In blanking, the punched piece, known as a blank, is used, and in piercing, the punched piece is simply recycled as scrap.

Embossing doesn’t actually punch through the final product, but rather creates raised or sunken designs in sheets of metal. This is typically done through a combination of heat and pressure, depending on the type of embossing required. Common embossed materials include aluminum, brass, steel, copper, and zinc.

Bending is a process that produces a bend (think of the letter “U” or “V”) along a straight axis in sheets of metal. One product that is made through the bending process is ductwork. Typically, a piece is positioned over the die block and the block presses the sheet to form a shape.

Flanging is a bending operation that bends the edge of a part to add stiffness. Typically, a 90 degree bend in the metal is a result. It creates an external or internal edge for added strength, just like you’d see with an I-beam or a roller coaster track. The flange not only adds strength, but also allows for easy assembly and disassembly.

Coining is a process that involves putting a work piece under high stress to induce plastic flow on the surface of a material. This hardens the surface while the deeper materials retain toughness. The process is used to produce coins, but also springs, badges, buttons, and other polished surface features.

To learn more about metal stamping at IGS Industries, please visit our metal stamping page or contact us directly for a quote.

Metal Stamping at IGS Industries