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Metal Stamping & Forming


Metal Stamping at IGS Industries

Metal stamping is the process by which we blank, emboss, bend, flange, and coin sheet metal to perfectly fit the specifications of your projects. The process necessitates an undertaking with the utmost precision and expertise, and those qualities are something that IGS Industries takes great pride in providing for our metal stamping clients.

Why Metal Stamping?

Metalworking has provided solutions to countless generations of industries due to its nature of being cost-effective and its mass-production capabilities. Our metal-stamping processes provide for situations that involve intricate metal work that call for strict requirements. Furthermore, our processes lend themselves to producing part after part in a matter of seconds, giving you reliable results that are cost-effective, can be delivered on-time, and are cut precisely to your specifications.

Specialty Washers & Spacers

From waved to bowed to slotted, and anywhere in between, IGS Industries is proud to be your source for specialty washers. Sizes can range from 1/4″ to 36″ in diameter and .001″ through several inches in thickness.


Our advanced metal stamping and finishing line is anchored by a 225-ton servo motor driven press. In what would normally take multiple operations to complete, our press stamps intricate shapes in just one step. The visual inspection system (VIS) on the press makes repeatability a snap as manufacturing parameters can be measured in real time during the manufacturing process.

Why IGS Industries?

IGS Industries is honored to provide our customers a quality assurance program that has been time-tested over five decades and that holds itself to the highest of standards. Each order goes through a stamping simulation prior to the stamping run that allows us to identify any potential conflicts in the stamping process before putting your specifications into production. We use the industry’s most dynamic and cutting-edge machinery to ensure that your projects are completed with exceptional accuracy. We go the extra mile to make sure that your products arrive on-time and are stamped to the specifications you need. We have grown to offer a complete selection of other manufacturing services that allow us to become the “one-stop” shop for your biggest projects.

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