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How to Order A Single Machined or Fabricated Part

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How to Order A Single Machined or Fabricated Part

Did you know that IGS Industries offers its customers the ability to order a single custom part? While we regularly support custom part orders numbering in the millions, we also offer the ability for a one-time order of one specifically designed part.

We are delighted to work with large businesses and are quite accustomed to handling large orders with short deadlines, but we want to make sure that we never leave our history behind. Our company was founded on helping local businesses with specific part needs and today we continue to give great service to both local businesses in the Western Pennsylvania area, as well as to our national and international customers. There’s no reason your part needs should have to meet a certain quantity before we’ll work with you.

So, if you’re looking for a specific part or just a few parts, come talk to us. We’re pleased to help keep your business running strong and to reduce your downtime with parts that are given the same care and consideration as our larger orders.

Come and talk with us about how we can help, and if you’d like to submit a request for a quote, please do so here.

How to Order A Single Machined or Fabricated Part