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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

Our Delivery


Delivery at IGS Industries

After 50 years in the industry, we know quite well how important it is that your orders arrive on time and that those orders are designed precisely to your specifications. We take great care to treat your project as if it were our own. We take pride and ownership in all that we do, and that certainly includes making sure your deliveries arrive exactly on time.

We Offer Expedited Shipping, Too

Sometimes, your projects arrive with very little time in the budget. In those instances, ordering parts in advance is simply a luxury you don’t have. That’s where our expedited shipping options can help ensure that you receive your parts on time, even when you are under a quickly-approaching deadline.

Packaging Options

Not only do we offer custom packaging and labeling for your orders and products, but we can also add bar coding to your orders. After decades of providing some of the biggest companies in the world with custom solutions, we’re familiar with shipping nearly anything. Challenges in size, weight, shape, quantity, and more are simple challenges that we solve everyday. When it comes to packaging your materials and delivering them on time, we’ve got that covered.

Private Labeling

In addition to our standard packaging, we provide private labeling for your products and do so for many companies. We also can repack your materials into your own specially-designed packaging, too.

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