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Peel Shims from IGS Industries

peel shims

Peel Shims

To help provide complete solutions for our customers, we offer the option of peel, or laminated, shims.

Prior to the introduction of these time- and energy- saving shims, technicians looking to add shims to unexpected tolerances within complex mechanical assemblies would have to either grind adjustment shims or stack solid shims.

Neither grinding adjustment shims nor stacking solid shims are good for a fluid operation and mechanical assembly. The grinding of adjustment shims requires not just a trained technician, but the machinery to actually grind the parts (let alone the extra time required). The stacking of solid shims can also be detrimental to a smooth-running process as any dust, oil, or dirt that finds its way into the stack can result in a lack of precision and other difficulties down the road.

For these reasons, we offer laminated shims; that is, shims that come with “peelable” layers. There is no need for machine grinding, special tools, or additional steps in the assembly required. Peel shims are a wonderful solution for on-the-floor adjustments, too.

Feel free to explore our site and learn more about our peel shims and how we can further help your operation with our many services and products!

Peel Shims from IGS Industries