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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

Private Labeling and Labor Only

private labeling and labor only at IGS Industries

Private Labeling

IGS Industries offers contract packaging for all of your orders. We will pack your orders into finished goods containers, boxes, or whatever else your finished goods packaging may be. The packaging is labeled with your artwork. IGS then returns the goods to you in “ready to sell” condition, unless you wish us to drop ship directly to your customers for you (saving time and money). 

Our sealant mixing and packaging capabilities allow us to package viscous liquids, as well as pastes and dense mastic materials. Available packaging for these types of products includes standard 10.3 oz and 29 oz (quart) caulking cartridges, squeeze tubes, pint, quart, and gallon cans, as well as 5-gallon pails, and spools. Call us for other special packaging requirements.

Packaging or kitting of materials is another one of our many services.  You send us your loose or bulk packaged goods (such as an assortment of parts), and we will put them into finished kits that are ready for use by your customers.

Labor Only

IGS Industries also offers labor-only services for any material ranging from metals to gasket materials to sealant formulations.

Metals and gaskets:

IGS is a custom manufacturer of gaskets, shims, and other specialty parts. There are times when our customers have a requirement for parts and have either raw materials in-house or have an exotic proprietary material that they need parts made from but do not possess the capability to convert it into a finished product themselves. That is where IGS Industries’ labor-only program comes in. You send us your raw materials and design specifications, and we will manufacture your parts for you with your material. We will ship finished parts back to you (along with the raw material remnants, if requested), and all you pay is freight and labor.

Liquids, pastes and mastic materials:

Sealants are one of our specialties. We have various types of mixing equipment that utilize different mixing actions, heating, and vacuum controlled environments. We can take your raw materials and blend them together for a finished product, and then package them either into bulk containers or finished goods containers with your private labeling. We can handle any material viscosity from 1,000 through several million centipoise, utilizing our double sigma blade mixtruder. Here at IGS Industries, we can hold raw materials in our warehouse for use in your products, or can bring raw materials in on a consignment basis to facilitate your product needs.

PRIVATE LABELING AND LABOR ONLY See what IGS Industries can do for you

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