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How to Replace a Machine Part without a Blueprint

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We can build from a lot of different formats and options when it comes to your parts, but did you know that we can reverse engineer the parts you need? In addition to producing parts from a variety of sources (including physical prints, .dxf files, .dwg files, IGES files developed with AutoCAD and Solidworks, and much more), we can also take your physical part and reverse-engineer it with the use of our 3-D scanners.

The rise of reverse engineering came to the forefront with the implementation of computers, and specialists even use the technology to scan parts that have degraded over time to compare those parts to the original designs in order to detect where the degradation has occurred and to postulate why.

We use that same technology to scan your parts, make corrections, and create new parts for you. So if you have a machine that is intrinsic to your business but have no idea how to get a replacement part, bring the part to us and we’ll use it to build you a new one!

How to Replace a Machine Part without a Blueprint