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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

Sealants at IGS Industries

Sealants at IGS Industries

Sealants at IGS Industries

IGS Industries’ innovative sealants deliver high-quality, clean-running sealant solutions that are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. We’ve gone to great lengths to consult with professionals and to experience the many manufacturing environments that utilize our sealants. We maintain our formulas to accommodate new mechanical processes, new machinery, technological developments, and the demanding manufacturing standards of the many industries with whom we work.

We also provide custom formulations that are a perfect mix of our experience and expertise and your unique product requirements. But we don’t stop there–we provide labor-only sealant mixing and filling services, custom sealant formulation, private sealant labeling, and so much more. When you combine our industry-standard sealant formulations with the efficiency and on-time delivery you can expect us to provide, choosing IGS Industries as your supplier means you’ll never worry about your sealant needs again.

A Remarkable Collection of IGS Industries’ Sealants

Our different sealant formulations are found in just about every industry. Steel mills, nuclear generators, coal-fired electric plants, oil refineries, and heating appliance manufacturers are just a few of the many places where our sealants are an integral part to the success of those industries. We take great pride in that fact, and we are pleased to bring you the best in sealant solutions.

Private Labeling

We provide private label options to all of our standard and custom sealant formulations. Our sealant department private labels products using your artwork.

Custom Sealant Formulations

We can custom-formulate a sealant for your high temperature or pressure application. Send us your requirements and we’ll work together to come up with a solution for your sealing needs.

Sealant Mixing Services

IGS offers labor-only mixing and packaging services using your raw materials. We are able to package a variety of materials into private-labeled containers ranging from cans and buckets to caulking cartridges and squeeze tubes.

Why IGS Industries?

Our sealants go above and beyond industry standards to deliver you a solution on which you can rely. IGS Industries’ many sealants perform exemplarily over a very wide range of temperatures (they are designed to work in extremely high temperatures, yet maintain a strong hold at lower temperatures), are formulated to work flawlessly with most industrial chemicals, and provide long-lasting service to a wide variety of industrial processes.

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