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Setting Blocks at IGS Industries

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Setting Blocks at IGS Industries

IGS Industries provides high-quality setting blocks for the window and glass industries. We construct our setting blocks from high-quality vinyl or neoprene to work under a temperature range of -30oF to 220oF.  We offer setting blocks in all types and sizes for various situations like heavy-duty/industrial, commercial, and residential glass panes and insulating glass planes.

Why Setting Blocks?

Setting blocks hold insulating glass in a window pane to protect the glass from the impact of opening and closing, and from the impact of various temperatures upon the window that can cause expansion and contraction. The setting blocks prevent the glass from breaking while maintaining the integrity of the glazing bead.

Why IGS Industries?

We offer both standard and custom-made setting blocks, cut from the highest quality material available. Our setting blocks are designed to work in demanding situations (whether that is a complex application or extreme temperatures), and they will not react to sealants and adhesives. We also provide adhesive backing to our setting blocks to provide a one-stop solution for our customers.

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