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Welcome to IGS Industries, a manufacturer of custom shims, gaskets, industrial sealants, and so much more. 724.222.5800

Welcome to IGS Industries

snowflakeIGS Industries is a custom part and sealant manufacturing company of over 150,000 square feet. We offer both stock and custom metal work parts; non-metallic parts; brand-name and custom sealants; gaskets; shims; auxiliary products; and specialized services to best accommodate your business needs.

Founded in 1961, IGS, Inc. has grown from 3 to over 120 team members and has a worldwide customer base. IGS has been providing its customers with cost-effective manufacturing solutions for prototype, low-volume, and high-volume production work.

IGS Industries has a strong commitment to our customers’ needs. We develop a team around your business and that team remains with you as they learn more about your business; your industry’s requirements; technical and industrial challenges; and growth opportunities. We are passionate about making sure our products arrive on time, every time. We know that meeting your deadlines directly factors into successful project outcomes and we are committed to meeting those deadlines with parts designed to your specifications with each and every customer.

We also provide a wealth of other services to help you thrive in your business. From private labeling and access to exotic materials, to reverse engineering and blanket shipping options, we have programs in place that give us the flexibility to meet both your standard and non-standard specifications.

We’re here to answer any questions that you may have, and we’re always ready to provide a free estimate for your project.


The IGS Industries Team

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our Experience

    Founded in 1961

    We first founded our business in 1961. Since then, you can imagine how many unique situations and challenges we’ve seen. Today, we bring those years of experience to you. When you have questions, we have answers. We’re glad to be able to help our customers develop the best solutions to some of their most challenging project requirements.

  • Our Dedication to On-time Delivery

    We Work under Your Deadlines

    Our ability to create custom parts and sealants to address your specific needs means little if you don’t have your products on time. Because of this, we offer both standard shipping and expedited service to our customers. We can ship your order to anywhere in the world, and we even offer drop shipping options.

  • Our Approach

    We Organize in Client-centric Teams around Your Account

    When you’re a customer of IGS Industries, we build our internal teams around you. That means you have several people here, each with unique skill sets, who are organized around your business. We grow with you. We come to know your needs as a company. We help identify new opportunities and solutions for your business. Your team is always a phone call or email away, and we’re ready to help you with whatever support your business needs.

  • Our Ownership

    IGS Industries Is Employee-owned

    IGS Industries is an employee-owned company. We take pride in our ownership of our company and actively dedicate ourselves to the growth of our business.